Drawing a house

This poem has been written for day #5 of #napowrimo / #glopowrimo . It is based on the prompt, home, that has been provided by #thealiporepost.

The teachers used to call it standing lines and sleeping lines.

So she drew one standing line, one sleeping line, another standing line and a sleeping line to box them in.

Then came the sloping line – like the steep slope near her house that she and her friends called zoom-zoom.

The slope was called zoom-zoom because

Racing down that slope on bicycles and roller skates felt like,

Felt like, your head was spinning and zooming out of control.

So one sloping line to the right and a sloping line to the left

Perched carefully over the standing line sleeping line box.

She took a hard look at the house she built.

It looked nothing like the one she lived in –

Bright, airy with balconies where pigeons would accumulate

To coo and make nests, infuriating her mother endlessly.

Dotted with plants that bore leaves, fruits and flowers

Which served as the background for innumerable photoshoots.

There was no umbrella either – the one with the wooden frame that opened out to show a crane with Sakura blossoms.

It didn’t have a door which bore records of heights attained by her and her brother, meticulously maintained by her father.

It didn’t have curtains that

Danced with the afternoon breeze and

Created funny shadows against the sunlight that had steeped in.

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