I live in boxes

This poem has been written for day #3 of #napowrimo / #glopowrimo . It is based on the prompt, distance, that has been provided by #thealiporepost.

My brain has decided that it must remember that I have forgotten to call the plumber, yet again.

For now, the faulty faucet overlooking the kitchen sink will have to be temporarily fixed

With a peculiar procedure – two clockwise turns and one half of an anti-clockwise turn.

I make a mental note and a note on my phone on a pint sized bot dedicated to note taking and making automated to-do lists.

The proposed execution of those planned tasks, however, live to see another day every day.

This slight moment of productivity is followed by the very rigorous workout of jumping across all applications that my phone can hold.

There is no break to take before this thorough, synthetic, virtual circuit training.

There is no time to read a book in between or take a deep breath or check if the monkeys from the park have come to agitate my dog again.

There is no time to lift my head up to see if my folks need help with chores and errands.

There is no headspace to remember the number of pressure cooker whistles after which the stove must be turned off.

The screens are opened, closed and shifted ad nauseam, in no particular order, to

Rant, vent, seek validation or vindication or sometimes both,

Source chuckle worthy content to inundate the chat boxes I hold with friends and family and

Bestow a generous dosage of self induced anxiety.

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