Square Pyramid

Kicking off the #napowrimo / #glopowrimo challenge this year with poems based on prompts provided by #thealiporepost.

This poem has been written for day #1 of #napowrimo / #glopowrimo . It is based on the prompt, gentle, that has been provided by #thealiporepost .

I was asked to make a square pyramid.
Square pyramid sounds so odd, doesn’t it?
I remained confused for a solid 2 minutes.
What is a square pyramid?
Is it like the Egyptian pyramid?
Or is it one of those that are not pyramids but are actually weird prisms that are called  pyramids.
So while I faked knowledge about knowing what a square pyramid is, I googled ‘square pyramid’.
Aha, I was right. It was the regular, regular pyramid.
I had to get down to the brass tacks –
Cut the layout out of box paper, slowly but surely.
Make sure that the layout is symmetrical so that the resultant object appears symmetrical.
And crease and stick well to show clean angles and joints.
So I drew and cut the layout.
I now had to crease the very stiff box paper neatly
And per my teacher, with my finger nails.
I ended up cursing myself –
Ah, why did you have to get into this?
You’d have saved yourself from the embarrassment of not getting your creases and lines right.
You have to be neat and careful.
But you’re so heavy handed.
It’s something that you’ve struggled with historically.
You’re way out of your depth.
What were you thinking when you decided to sign up for this?
This got interrupted by a quick cheer me up by my pet dog.
Who decided to saunter towards me for a ‘you can do this’ after barking his head off at other pet dogs
And pigeons and motorcyclists from the window.
So, I took my scale-drawn and hand-cut layout,
Creased it along the lines laid out,
First gently, and then rather quickly
With, per my instructor’s guidance, my nails.
I creased it inwards and creased it outwards for mobility.
I turned the paper and stretched it around
And made my very first square pyramid.

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