Child of Twenty-four

Dear child of twenty-four,
You have far more grit and determination
Than your brain, wallowing in self-pity, can account for.
Your eyes sparkle with curiousity,
Your smile is lit bright on account of the company you keep.
There is a skip in the step, reverbating throughout,
As you dance with and glide away from every bespoke, self-inflicted misery.
Which is why you should know,
That there will come a time:
When your eyes will draw dull sighs,
From a mouth that has stopped to ask for
Things that one would naturally ask but
The brain, skeptical as ever, will refuse to ask,
On account of not wanting to ask for too much
For in the ledger, you would be counted towards needing and wanting too much.
But I hope, in all earnestness, that sooner rather than later,
Your eyes will light up with the confidence required
To say your piece with a mouth that
Will let out kindness into the world.

(This piece is inspired by the essay, “The Crane Wife“, authored by C J Hauser and featured on The Paris Review website.)

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