I clipped my nails today

I clipped my nails today,
And combed my bedraggled mane,
Root to tip, and discarded the stubborn knots.
I shampooed my hair for a full three minutes,
And conditioned for a full ten.
My heels are dealt with the tough love of a pumice stone.
My teeth are given due attention,
With the turn and swish-swash of the toothbrush as mandated by the dentist.
I drink the hot water stored in my favourite yellow mug and eat breakfast as breakfast is supposed to be eaten –
No screen in sight and each morsel chewed thirty-two times.
And settle in for a power nap while I slap on a pre-refrigerated face mask.
I only say this because at times I forget to eat.
I often forget to savour every bite.
I often spend hours hyperventilating about mistakes made two moons ago.
And, in the frenzy of thinking, most times, overthinking, about not having things in order,
I forget to forgive myself.
While I try to remember to forgive,
But not fixate on it endlessly,
I’ll clip my nails and comb my bedraggled mane, root to end.

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