Show a little loving

I dust the canvas out of storage
Plonk the paint box on the table
Plonk myself on the trusty, old stool and
Spin the paint splattered palette knife
And then I think of you
In your white shirt, in my room
Doused in a hue of tungsten light
I shake my head and chastise myself
To concentrate on the task at hand
Cobalt with ultramarine or
Should I begin with crimson
Or sunshine yellow and vermilion?
I suddenly think of the time that
We sat at the bar talking about
An abstract ideal with words rattling off –
Off of our mouths, seeking each other out
Not through the babble of our platitudes
But through the soft caress of our eyes
I dismiss the memory at will
And go back to thinking of warm tones
And cool tones and brush strokes
Lines, shapes, blurred outlines
And us and our blurred outlines
With breaths caught tight momentarily
At the foot of our throats

[The title of this poem is taken from the song “Lovers” by Anna of the North.]

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