To Build A Home

I bought those blue curtains
To go with the green sofa cushions
The teapoy is a mess though
Stale magazines mixed with
Stubs of burnt out candles
And pending responsibilities –
Statements, invoices and bills

The painting of the worried woman
Stays askew despite all the attempted tilts
By the family, the friends and the carpenter
The handyman tells me he doesnt understand art
And proceeds to drill yet another nail
In yet another wall
In a bid to fix this

My mother tells me that its time:
That the mirror not face the bed
That I buy a queen sized bed
That I discard childish squiggles
That I declutter and dispose my hoarding tendencies
That I trust and
Not push away outreached hands

I rest my feet on the teapoy
And sip the inexpensive wine
In expensive stemware
While thoughts swirl to and fro
While nails are hammered into walls
While surveying obligations in drab envelopes
While ordering groceries and disinfectants

[The title of the post is taken from ‘To Build A Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra.]

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