On building walls

There was a woman who once told me
You don’t want to create conflict
Your head and heart should want
The same things, in the same sense
And if you ever wanted impunity
From the decisions of the heart
You could never have it
Build a wall, she said
If you must, but let it be pellucid

There was a man who once told me
That there is a place far within
That is futile, desolate and sterile
If you could make that ground zero
You will win certain battles
But you will lose the war
For it is humane to feel
Build a wall, he said
If you must, but let it be limpid

So I am going to build a wall today
That is part limpid and part pellucid
And if you ever decide to come along
Stop by and say hello, stay for
A long, winding conversation about
The weather, work and weary eyes
And some breakfast; and if you promise to stop by
Till it all comes to a naught
Maybe I could take down the wall tomorrow