Bridging the gap

I met him today
He didn’t know
Who I was anymore
He shook hands
With a lawyer
Who had come to meet
From a land far away

His beard was sparse
His eyes were misty
From memories
Some real, some spun
We spoke, my grandpa & I
About the law
And the learning

He told me to read
Learn, educate and write
To meet and
Connect with people
That I was young
And that I have time
“Just enough time”

He said that
He was not a man of history
But that he was sure that
I could make it; that
Despite the scholarly pursuit
There is a different education
I would have to undertake

There’s a white noise
Between his verisimilitude
And mine
But for once
Our realities coincided
And our hearts spoke a language
That we both did understand