All the world's a square

Wars among the cousins have broken out
The fluff of the boric powder has
Made the striker travel
Further and faster than we anticipated
So we raise our hands in dismay
The almosts, what ifs and if onlys
Have come together with
The arrows, circles and trajectories of physics
Battle plans have been reneged and resurrected
Some have been vanquished; others remain victorious
For all the ones that went away
There are others that came back
Clustered,hinged as conspirators of opponents
Or far apart, used as pawns in each other’s game
We covet them amongst
The ramblings, ill will chants and distractions of the other side
The Queen stays untouched and invincible
She has driven us mad
Enraged us with her conditions, rules and cover
Engaged us in a never ending circle
Where all the world’s a square

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