In These Arms

There are breadcrumbs stuck to the glass topped table
The bed is undone
And the laundry pile is a hillock in your room
But there are things to see
Like paintings by people in history
And sojourns and adventures to partake in
With serpentine lines outside ruins, castles
And wonderment at the inverted pyramid museum
With songs to be hummed to and food to be devoured
Wallets must be saved
From the prying eyes of pickpockets
Eyes of strangers, different from you and me
Will extend a glance in a language understood
Betwixt you and them
So someday while you’re traveling to work
To a comfortable chair and cool, conditioned air
While trying to fathom life after twenty three
And making things right, you will find
The secret universe within each of us
With hands to hold and shoulders to rest our heads on
Where dreams are built with bricks as heavy as feathers
In colours and contours we’d discourage otherwise
A deliberate sketch of our universe
Prescribed as destiny

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