A glass of water


Could you pass me that glass of water, babe?
The one on the bedside drawer
Close enough to fall off the edge
And then shatter into a million pieces
Pass it quick
Before it gets too late
There’s a patent urgency
So pass me that glass of water quick, baby.

Could you do me a favour, sweetheart?
Press my feet with your warm, calloused hands
They hurt from all the walking
And the clack clack noise they made
On the pavement, with the help of
Six inch high heels that are beautiful
But latently harmful
So press my feet, sweetiepie.

Could you switch off the television, honey?
And shut the white noise that is the news today
Lie down with me
Lets be still
Murmur sweet nothings into my ear
Tell me that you love
How my hair smells after its washed
With that lavender shampoo you gave me, darling.

Could you tell me once again, muffin?
About the day, time and place
You fell in love with me
And I’ll tell you just the same
And I’ll tell you that I love how
You passed that glass of water , rubbed my feet and
How our eyes danced to a perfect symphony
Even when we’d lay still.


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