The Rationalists

The Rationalists were a while ago
Romantics who lost their wings of hope
The scales tipped in favour of adversity
So the Romantics bid adieu
To boats that had set sail in choppy waters
They abandoned ship and locked the beating muscle
Within Davy Jones’ Locker

Men created the reasonable test
And the prudent and ordinary man test
Standards to hold themselves to
No place for fools
No place for hysteria
Rationalists possessed the armour of reason
And the sword of prior knowledge

The rationalists were hence belligerent
They demanded proof
Numbers, words and concrete evidence
Axioms and principles that withstood time
Then the empiricists came along
Who surrendered to
All which the eyes saw

But neither explained
The inductions and deductions
That happened between two minds
And the circuits that
They wound around each other
Grievously tangled and enmeshed within
Alluding words spoken to emotions evoked

Though trigger: “Fool For Your Face” by Coves

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