Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?

A fairy godmother
Is that all you want?
A swish of the wand

And then pumpkins become carriages
And mice become horses
A beautiful gown and a

Pair of glass slippers
For what though
A shot at it?

Wish they’d sell us
Better stories at bedtime
A mighty fine career maybe

With everything then
Falling in place
Fitting into the crevices

I’d want a fairy godmother
But no carriage, no horse
Just a hug would be fine

Maybe some reassuring words
That little magic called hope
A pat on the back, now and then

Place my bets right
Trade everything in
Sleep right at night

Without furrow
No lips pursed tight in pursuance
Of something evasive

No fists clenched
And close to the heart
A dreamless sleep is all I ask

The title of this poem is taken from a song titled “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

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