All In a Day

I woke up today, like yesterday
Groggy eyed and a tangled mess upon my head
I woke up today, unlike yesterday
With a smile from ear to ear
Earnest and up for a challenge

I pottered around till noon
It struck twelve and my parents
That errands were to be run
And so off I went, eager and willing
From bank to optician and then home

The wait for a long pending reply was over
They said what they said before
I sent a cheery reply only to be met with
A no-reply email id
And an obstinate roadblock

Oh goody. I was still winning
I was losing on other fronts
But I was still winning
I hadn’t lapsed into staring into nothingness
Or shaking my head in disbelief

I swam from edge to edge
No pause for breath, no scrambling for balance
Unburdened and released from the chains
That my mind had created long before
Triumphant, and confident about the back stroke

That was still a work-in-progress
I could see that I was on my way
To discarding impossible scenarios
Or hoping for a miracle
But not drowning within the depths of negativity

Head under, the arms were in sync
And the hands cut through the water
And the feet kick fervently, lap after lap
And in that buoyant, azure blue
Valiant, at last.

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