Saying Goodbye to the Familiar

Pleasant smile and a cheerful disposition
Charms and a fake intonation put on
Its been nice knowing all this
But its time I said goodbye
You’re kind but unnecessary
It’s all too familiar

And while I choose to retreat
And when I come back
to the same old, dreary context
I wish to see things in a different light
The unknown is calling me
It is dark and pings on my curiosity

It prods and knocks and upturns everything
Everything that is in stalemate
This hum-buggery, the monotonous nature of it all
Will kill me, subtly aided by apathy
It breeds contempt and complacency
It surrounds the air I breathe in

It breeds disdain in the heart
And words and actions
But I can never say goodbye to you
The subconscious has taken you in
And made you her own
That stupid voice that I can’t drown

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