They had aged
Some wiser, some bitter
Their children had grown up
Bound for countries far away
The chalk on the compound wall
Had faded long ago

Swing set and the slide
Found few takers now
Abandoned lay the bicycles
Rotting in the summer haze
Loss of innocence
Comes sooner now

Lost in the bedlam
And the rat race
But that’s what they said
To them who said it to
The ones that came after
And so it goes on

They forget
The smell of the earth
Right after the rains
Making castles and empires
In sand and in their heads
The conjuring of happy endings

7 thoughts on “Inheritance

    1. Hi HaterOfMaulika! Thank you for reading the blog and increasing the views on it. However, your comment is in bad taste. Just like your hair and your clothes.


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