Reckless Abandon

There exists a wall,
Old, weathered, strong and fortified
With broken glass
Unwelcoming yet
Possessing a certain sense of gravitas

Therein lies an imaginary rampart
Pushing things away
Refusing entry
Creating barriers within barriers
Resisting the rain and all things pleasant

There lay a veil
Then a chasm, wide and deep
And then there was the conscious
Filtering all that was out there
Fearful,distrustful and on the fringe

Always looking in
Tethered to the imagined fears
And to leave when worthless
Reckless abandon was alien
Unwanted, unwarranted and unnecessary

The conscious and the wall had conspired
Grievous damage must be avoided at all cost
But what of the unconscious tug?
What of the haphazard, unspecific, random?
What of the unplanned, the unknown?


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