Frangipani blossoms were in bloom
Puddles had marred the concrete
Sepia tones and the fiery sun
Shone in full glory, unbashful

The hustle and bustle of day was forgotten
Distinct in the verdant grass was
The fragment of a mirror, a broken bottle
And a paper boat to sail

Tiny birds pegged themselves on to the electric lines
They chirped to the oncoming traffic
The sky had mellowed the sun
A streak of blue had broken the all-consuming flame

The clink of a bracelet
Carnations and baby’s breath
His favourite book with an inscription for her
And his affinity for her company

They spoke but barely looked at each other
Afraid that the eyes would betray
What that fickle heart radiated beneath
His hands clasped hers anyway

For a moment they stood at the riverbank
With sand in their shoes
Fireworks in the sky
And hope in their hearts

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