About Today

She checked her reflection in the mirror-
Flecks of grey donned her hair,
Eyes were sunken, with shadows looming underneath.

A rushed morning – a bite of bread and a sip of tea.
She checked her phone, but no word yet.
Not yet. “Patience”, she muttered to her self.

Notes were copied down.
Messages and notifications were checked surreptitiously.
Doodles and song lyrics were imprinted.

Mindless chatter dominated the day – in real, in virtual
Chores were to be done, the room was to be cleaned
She waited for the clock to strike seven.

Running shoes, earphones and an open mind.
She sped across the road ladled with mud.
Escape. No turning back.

The streetlights were dim, the road desolate
Peacocks beckoned the dusk and the darkness.
Then came the rain.

Drenched and soaked, alive and well.
The moths sought refuge in the warmth and light
She sought refuge in another’s arms.



*The title of this post is taken from The National’s “About Today”

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