The Loo

Well for starters, why would anybody write a note on the loo? Maybe to garner an attention of sorts or maybe to experience the epiphany of being liked by others, though on questionable grounds, especially on eccentricity. But I am here to do none, so pardon me. 8 x 12, 50 x 50, irrespective of the size, the loo, however mundane or ironic it may sound, is a sacred place. It is a temple of knowledge and a grey cell treadmill. While one awaits the dropping of the excesses of the stomach, one may read a book, a magazine or a newspaper. Also, this duration endeavored in this secret lair may be spent in wishful thinking, plans to put into practise or talking to oneself; a madness of sorts. To be continued for now I have to flush.

2 thoughts on “The Loo

  1. haha! loved this one.
    reading this, i thought of our school loos. well maybe not the loo as per say but the mirror in the entrance. i remember wasting ‘constructive’ time there looking at myself for no absolute reason 😛 i think of vanessa! which is even funnier 😀


    1. Thank you Erica Savia Annabel D’Souza!
      The thing is when you have a class next to the loo which has a mirror, its kind of hard not to go there after every period or so!
      Omg! Yes Fonseca going there and all of us bitching about our Monitor *grins*


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